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Mini Bella Mushrooms have a deep earthy flavour that makes them just as versatile in the kitchen as their sister white mushroom. These charmers have a light tan to deep brown cap and add more flavor to every dish.

Firm and with a deep,
earthy umami flavour.


Use these beauties anywhere you use a white mushroom. Try adding these flavour boosters to your ground meat dishes, risottos, sauces and casseroles for added meatiness.

Keeping them Fresh

For best results, refrigerate in the original packaging to preserve their flavour and texture. For bulk mushrooms refrigerate in a brown paper bag when possible.

Mushroom Facts

Serving: 4 mini bella mushrooms (80 g)









Vitamin D


  • 01. Feeds your immune system.
  • 02. More than 12 vitamins and minerals.
  • 03. With antioxidants selenium & ergothioneine.
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