Highline Mushrooms Covid-19 Header

Thanks for stopping by our website to learn about what we are doing as it relates to COVID-19.

We are very busy ensuring our associates feel safe and secure at Highline, because our associates are some of Canada’s front-line heroes! They are working every day to make sure the supply of fresh, nutritious and affordable mushrooms remain available every time you go to the grocery store or order take-out from your favourite restaurant. As this global pandemic develops and changes constantly, we remain agile in our response, but never in our mission of protecting our associates’ health and well-being.

From the moment associates come to work, they see and recognize the effort we are taking to keep them safe. We are taking everyone’s temperature upon arrival and limiting the number of associates who ride each bus into work by increasing the number of buses we are using. Once at work, we have been requiring mask usage by 100% of our associates since mid-March and have recently sourced additional masks to ensure we will be able to continue requiring masks for the foreseeable future.

For those on the packing lines, we have added Plexiglas in between work stations and have increased the number of shifts we operate in order to increase distancing. Having additional shifts allows us to reduce the number of people at each lunch and break, and we have also erected heated tents to further reduce the number of associates at any one lunch or break table. Additionally, we have installed Plexiglas to ensure associates are properly distanced at the same table or have added plastic sheeting in between tables. I want to make sure everyone is following these protocols, therefore we have hired monitors at every farm (and on every shift) to specifically watch over lunch rooms, break rooms, and buses so that we have someone enforcing these precautions…because we know it’s easy to forget or view ourselves as invincible to the COVID-19 threat.

I don’t want anyone to feel like they need to come to work for a paycheck if they aren’t feeling well and jeopardize the health of their co-workers. For that reason, we are making sure no associate loses out on their pay because of medically necessary quarantining or because we have asked them to stay home due to Highline’s policy.

I am confident our response is very appropriate for the situation and prioritizes the health and well-being of our associates. As the information relating to COVID-19 changes, we will continue to monitor the situation and adjust any part of our procedures, practices, and precautions as required.