Highline Mushrooms Introduces Limited Edition White Grill Caps For Summer Grilling!

June 23, 2023

LEAMINGTON, ONTARIO – Highline Mushrooms, a trusted name for quality mushrooms, is excited to announce the launch of our limited-edition White Grill Caps just in time for the 4th of July. Grilling caps offer an easy and delicious way to incorporate mushrooms into holiday weekend cookouts all summer long.

White Grill Caps offer a range of benefits that will surely impress both seasoned grill masters and backyard barbecue enthusiasts. These mushrooms provide an easy grilling option, simply season, grill & enjoy! The caps retain their firmness while absorbing the smoky flavors of the grill, resulting in a mouth-watering culinary experience. Their delicate texture and earthy flavor make them good for a standalone dish or as a veggie burger. And the natural umami flavors of the mushrooms add depth and richness to any recipe, while their low-calorie and fat-free nature make them a nutritious option for health-conscious individuals.

“Our White Grill Caps are the perfect addition to everyone’s Fourth of July long weekend grocery list,” said Kelly Hale, VP Sales, Marketing & Distribution. “We believe that consumers deserve an array of healthy and easy options to elevate their outdoor cooking experiences and to delight their friends and family.”

White Mushroom Grilling Caps will be available for a limited time this summer exclusively at select retailers nationwide.

White Mushroom Grilling Caps are available in a convenient pack format:

Pack Format: 7 x 16 oz

Package Size: 14.75” x 5.875” x 2.25”

Size: 23.375” x 15.6875” x 5.75”

Case Weight: 7 lbs

To learn more about Highline Mushrooms visit www.highlinemushrooms.com

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Devon Kennedy 

National Marketing Manager