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They may be common,but by no means boring.

These little beauties are a staple in the kitchen, with a mild earthy flavour that only intensifies when cooked, they are the most versatile of mushrooms making the culinary applications endless.

Firm and with a mild,
woodsy flavour.

Becomes more pronounced when cooked.


An excellent addition to any meal, taking your soups, casseroles, pizza, burgers and salads to the next level. You can sauté, grill, steam and bake white mushrooms, or simply enjoy them raw.

Keeping them Fresh

For best results, refrigerate in the original packaging to preserve their flavour and texture. For bulk mushrooms refrigerate in a brown paper bag when possible.

Mushroom Facts

Serving: 5 medium mushrooms (90 g)









Vitamin D


  • 01. Feeds your immune system.
  • 02. More than 12 vitamins and minerals.
  • 03. Packed with the B vitamins.
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Mexican Mushroom Breakfast TostadasStart your morning right with Mexican Mushroom Breakfast Tostadas with Highline White Mushrooms! Crispy tostadas, smashed avocado, Mexican spiced mushrooms, and a perfect egg on top.
Sautéed Garlic MushroomsSautéed Garlic Mushrooms with Highline® Sliced White Mushrooms are savoury and tasty, and make a wonderful nutritious side dish for your meals.
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