Highline Mushrooms

Can I substitute one mushroom variety for another?
In general, most mushroom varieties can be used interchangeably or in combination with one another. Instead of the standard sautéed white mushrooms for topping a juicy steak, try sautéed Portabellas for added texture and flavour. Looking for an easy way to reduce costs? Substitute meat with mushrooms and save on your grocery bill.

What is the ideal cooking time for mushrooms?
This depends on the size, variety and amount being used. Small button mushrooms will require less cooking time than the larger, heartier Portabella mushroom. In general, a shorter cooking time will yield more delicately textured mushrooms, whereas a longer cooking time renders them denser and chewier with a more pronounced flavour.

What is the difference between an open and closed veiled mushroom?
Freshly picked mushrooms have a tightly closed membrane, or veil on the underside of the cap. If the veil is open, it is simply a fully mature mushroom which is slightly less moist but richer in flavour.

What are the specks or particles on mushrooms?
Contrary to what you might think, they are bits of peat moss, not manure! Mushrooms grow in a two inch layer of peat moss and may pick up small particles as they grow or when they are harvested. They are completely safe and can be removed prior to use by rinsing under cool water and patting dry immediately.

How do you clean a mushroom?
Mushrooms should be cleaned prior to use. Wipe off particles of peat moss with a damp cloth or paper towel, rinse under cool water and pat dry immediately. For more information on care and handling, please click here.

How should fresh Highline mushrooms be stored?
Mushrooms should be refrigerated immediately in their original packaging or in a porous paper bag. Once the package is open, cover it with paper towel to keep the mushrooms from drying out. For more information on care and handling, please click here.

What makes Portabella mushrooms so special?
Portabella mushrooms have become extremely popular due to their hearty flavour and robust texture. Technically speaking, Portabella mushrooms grow from a different strain and have a longer growing cycle than white mushrooms. They also have lower water content and higher tissue density in comparison to white mushrooms. To learn more about different mushroom varieties, please click here.


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