Highline Mushrooms is comprised of four separate facilities: Highline Mushrooms – Head Office, Wellington Mushroom Farm, Highline Distribution and Kingsville Mushroom Farm. We have four farms, of which two are located in Leamington, one in Kingsville and one in Wellington, Ontario.

In 1961, a small eight-room structure was built at what is now Leamington’s East Farm. From 1968 – 1980, this farm was expanded a total of four times to include 13 “American Double” type chambers. In 1985, a second farm was built near the original Leamington East Farm. This farm used of state-of-the-art material handling and air management systems based on the Dutch method, and was the most advanced mushroom farm in North America. Although separated by 2 kilometres, both farms share a substrate preparation area, soil preparation and a packing and shipping facility.

In the summer of 2007, Leamington’s West Farm completed an expansion which doubled its growing capacity and included new packaging and shipping facilities.

In 1990, an opportunity arose to acquire an existing farm in picturesque Prince Edward County. This tray-style farm became Highline’s Wellington Farm. To achieve the same type of success experienced by the other farms, we incorporated the same bulk preparation and management of substrate that was being used in Leamington into the tray-style model.

In the 1990s it became clear that in order to continue growing, Highline needed a distribution centre that could service the Quebec and Maritime provinces. The founding of Highline Distribution (previously known as Agri-Sol) has allowed us to manage the entire supply chain, from substrate preparation through to delivery.

In 2009, Highline acquired a modern, Dutch-style farm located in Kingsville, Ontario, approximately 13 kilometres from the Leamington farms. This farm is very similar to Leamington’s West Farm and has a substrate preparation area, soil preparation and a packing and shipping facility.


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