Mushrooms are a delicate food and require gentle care and handling, similar to eggs. Here are some helpful tips to keep your mushrooms fresher, longer.

When choosing mushrooms, look for ones that are firm to the touch, smooth in appearance and uniform in colour.

Maintaining a consistent temperature is a key element in keeping mushrooms fresh. Whether you purchase packaged or bulk mushrooms, store them in the refrigerator immediately between 1-3°C (34-38°F). Mushrooms should also be kept in their original packaging or in a porous paper bag until ready to use. Do not store them in air tight containers as this produces condensation and causes mushrooms to deteriorate quickly.

Mushrooms should be cleaned prior to use. You may notice particles on a mushroom’s surface; these are bits of peat moss and are not harmful. Simply wipe off particles of peat moss with a damp cloth or paper towel, rinse under cool water and pat dry immediately. Do not let mushrooms soak in water as they are very porous and will absorb water quickly, which can cause them to discolour.


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